The world is not perfect, (surprised?) and the people in it are certainly far from. So, you’ve heard the phrase why cry over spilled milk? Or spilled coffee, as it happened to be for me this morning. I was sitting at the park studying for two exams I was to take in the afternoon. It had been windy, but nothing unmanageable. It was slightly overcast, but a perfectly comfortable temp to be outside. I was having a great morning and making good headway, too, on my notes, when a big gust of wind smacked my coffee cup just right. Caramel colored coffee all over my printed notes and spiral notebook! In my haste to pick up the coffee cup, a few pages blew off the table toward the street. Dilemma! Clean up the mess, or make more mess to run after the cartwheeling papers?

I opted to prevent further mess…I could print those pages again if I had to. So, I calmly blotted off my notebook and made sure nothing got on my textbook or phone before carefully placing them back in my bag. I threw away the cup and gathered my things. I walked slowly toward my papers that had settled in one place and managed to retrieve each of them. Thank you, Lord!

I finished my studying from inside my car, but keeping studies inside on windy days wasn’t the lesson I learned. Lesson learned? To stay calm. I don’t always have control over what happens, but staying calm proves that I do have control over myself. There was a time I would have freaked out and panicked, even cried because it wasn’t perfect. All those hours reading, studying, making those notes…gone. Well, I have evolved. I’m not perfect…I did lose it a few days ago over some clutter in one of my kids bedrooms, but I’m getting there. Each day, with God’s help, I take new steps to perfection. The Bible says that is our prize, our reward, at the end of it all…in Heaven, we will have perfection. For now, I have coffee stained schoolwork and cluttered bedrooms, but I’m ok with that… if that’s the worst that happens…I am immensely blessed.


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