Difference Between Winning and Losing


I once worked for a boss who always looked for new ways of doing things, from policies to processes.  Change can be great when it makes you better and more efficient, so I was usually eager to oblige. If it made life simpler, then all the better. However, occasionally she would get so excited to make these changes that the proper preparation was overlooked. Communication lacked, training didn’t take place, bugs in technical systems, etc. This lack of preparation usually resulted in confusion, disorganization and ultimately frustration for many people affected. We lost efficiency.  A little more time devoted to preparing everyone for the upcoming change could have made a big difference.


Preparation makes the difference between winners and losers. A runner would certainly not win a race without training and conditioning himself beforehand. Proper nutrition and training is the key.  Preparation is more than a discipline, it is a way of life. Preparation itself takes practice. I often involve myself in my local community theatre. It’s one of my passions, theatre that is. When I accept an opportunity to direct a play, my job doesn’t start the night of auditions. No, I go through months of preparation way before audition night. Long before actors step foot on the stage with scripts in their hands, I’ve labored with research, blocking, characterization, music and set and lighting ideas…the list could go on. Once the actors take stage, I’m ready to help them with the best performance possible. Preparation makes all the difference to me in alleviating unnecessary stress, keeping things running smoothly, and keeping you from looking like an idiot.



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