The Day My Life Changed Forever

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?


I cannot limit to one the experiences that have changed my life.  There have been several completely life changing experiences, but of course the day my daughter was born is significant.  She will turn 16 in less than two months, but it still seems like yesterday that I was watching One Life to Live while pushing her out.  I was in labor maybe 12 hours, but it was not excruciating.  The worst part was having the needle stuck in my spine for the epidural.  Once the doctor came in and told me to push, three times is all it took and Ireland had arrived.  My precious little one.  She changed my life by helping me know what love truly is.  Self sacrificing, heart aching love.  She is why I grew up.  I was a single girl of 18 when she came into my life and because I wanted to give her the best life possible, I grew up and sacrificed the plans I’d made, the many dreams I had, but I don’t miss them.  I no longer wanted the life I had envisioned, I craved being a good mom and someday wife.  I craved a godly life and wanted whatever God had in store for me, because I knew He had plans to take me somewhere other than where I’d planned and God’s adventures are always the best!






2 thoughts on “The Day My Life Changed Forever

  1. wilsonagaba

    Thank you for the wonderful touching story, when you explained what love meant to you. I was very touched by it because I feel it is very true that love is about self-sacrifice and surrendering our own plans in order to give our tender heart to another person. I can see that most people live selfish lives, but in their heart they all feel the same as you do; that real love is much more important and satisfying than fulfilling our little selfish plans and dreams. Your story is a good example of this.


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