Christmas Reflections

What is it about the holidays that leaves one feeling sentimental?  Is it because we spend so much time preparing and thinking about it?  Because it means so much to our kids?  Maybe because it is the celebration of our savior, our creator’s birth.  Or, perhaps because we surround ourselves with family, and oftentimes we remember the loved ones that we no longer get to share the holidays with.  Whatever the reason may be, I have found myself daydreaming and thinking sentimentally about my family and my blessings and future more and more recently.  As I sit here drinking my hot chocolate, I remember many wonderful Christmases, as well as a couple I would like to forget.  Oh so many Christmas movies have graced my television and my car radio is currently set to the Holiday station, each movie, each song stirring the memory pot.  However, as warm and cozy as it can be to reminisce, I am even more excited to think to the future.

Our kids are almost grown, we will only have them at home another couple of years, and I look forward to squeezing every drop of opportunity out of the time we have left knowing for sure they will be home for Christmas.  This year, my husband won’t be home, so we are going to Christmas brunch and snow sledding…in Texas.  And then maybe in the far, far future, there will be grandbabies with which to share the wonderfulness of Christmas.  I strive not to rush this time of year in order to relish the true meaning of this season…Jesus, family, and good will.  These moments won’t last forever, but the memories can and the connections we make with each other, with our loved ones, are worth all the riches in the world.


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