To New Beginnings…Again

Nearly two years ago, I began a blog. I blogged several entries with gusto and was proud of the response and feedback I got. I set out to write encouraging words with a bit of humor sprinkled in to those who might stumble upon my blog. However, to no avail, my good intentions were slowly replaced with other facets of life.

Chaos can be many things to many people. Chaos might lead to greatness for some, or to huge changes, or to writer’s block for others, like me. Writing is important to me, but with so many other pressing things in life, was it important enough to make a priority? I’d love it to be, but what do I have to write about? What’s important to me is not necessarily important to anybody else. And my life, quite frankly, seems incredibly boring. So, how could my writing possibly contribute anything to society?

Several friends were also writing blogs, but they had incredible hooks. One friend began blogging about her “ugly house” she was remodeling, another wrote a fascinating fashion blog, while another writes about their adventures as an actor and touring the US. What was my hook, my slant, my purpose for writing for others? I don’t lead an interesting life. I’m a mom, a wife, a returning college student and spend A LOT of time at home. I’ve undergone a huge lifestyle change and lost 40 lbs and am passionate about fitness and working out, but is it blog worthy? Is there enough material there to write for a length of time? Is my college career and new outlook towards my corporate future interesting enough? Have I had enough adventures? What about my community theatre experiences?

I thought when I left my full-time job to return to school, I would be free to write and write, but my good intentions were short-lived. But, because writing is important to me and a gift I feel the Lord can use through me somehow, I am hungry and determined to get back to it.

Praying through writer’s block and figuring out my direction are challenges worth making time for. I have set goals and priorities before me for some direction, making time each day to write. What will I write? Where will this journey take me?


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