This is a work in progress, I’m not satisfied with it just yet, but wanted to share it in hopes maybe it will spark a bit of inspiration for someone else. Hope you enjoy:)

Creativity is a strange creature. It strikes at the most insane times! Creativity doesn’t usually like to wait for the calm, clear moments to inspire greatness. No, he waits for the most chaotic, hectic moments in the midst of life changes.

Creativity likes to peek his head into the midst of our dreams at 2 a.m. Or, whisper in our ears during tests, meetings, and cleaning spurts. He often leads one to madness with bursts of insanity.

He is a beast of a friend that consumes an enormous amount of time, before leaving one on the lurch, drooling for more of him. He brings a period of productivity and an ounce of inspiration to see us through, but often strips us of everything we’ve got, leaving us dry and parched, but with something wonderful in our hands.

Some fail to see what benefit can possibly come of befriending this cryptic being. What a waste of time, talent, or resources they say. Why would anyone bow to such a barbaric and abstract soul? Those who question the value of creativity, question the threads that piece our cultures together, and have never experienced the tingly satisfaction of holding a newly born work of art all their own.


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