Old School

It is never too late.
It’s never too late to follow a dream, try something new, or to embrace an adventure. You can learn something new every day and never grow bored.

I am going back to school now in my mid-thirties, not exactly “old”, but not exactly a spring chicken, either. Some days I feel like I can’t keep up, I will never learn everything I need to know, and what is going to happen when I graduate and start working in my new field and can’t recall anything I’d studied in college? Then there are days where everything clicks, I can apply what I’m learning to real life, and I can’t wait to move up into a new position where I can put it into practice. I know that God has allowed me the privilege of going back to school for a reason. He’s got big plans for me, greatness, and he knows I’m capable, so who am I to doubt myself?

My husband and I watched the movie The Intern, with Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway the other night. Even though this gentleman was 70 years old, retired, and a widower, he was very full of life and had such a positive outlook and spirit. He loved people, and was determined and capable to learn new things and make a difference. He didn’t just give up when things became difficult, but kept an open mind and overcame whatever obstacles.

How cool is that? In the same way, even though Joshua was well along in years, approximately 80 years old, God gave him a new job. Can you even imagine? God called him up to bigger responsibilities because Joshua had been faithful with smaller responsibilities. And the Bible shows us that when God gave instructions, Joshua obeyed. He moved forward obediently. Followed as the Lord led him.

I’m sure it helped that God continually encouraged him with these same words, “Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” (Joshua 8:1)

Just like God wanted Joshua to trust Him with each new assignment, He wants us to trust and follow Him too – no matter our age. When He calls us to new things, we can be strong and courageous because God doesn’t expect us to do it alone. He says we have access to lean on His unending strength instead of our limited abilities.

When I feel like I’m in over my head I don’t need to shake in my shoes. And you don’t either. When God tell us to go – to move on to the next thing – to trust Him in a new adventure – we need to go! We need to move forward and expect Him to provide everything we need so that we can be faithful in the small and big.

After all, when we depend on God, we are depending on the faithful Protector, Provider, Defender, and Guide… who will never leave or forsake us.


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