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I don’t know you. You are not the same person I used to admire for hours on end. I no longer know what to say to you. The more I see of you, the longer I look at you here, the less I like you. Where is the person who used to be here? Why have you run them off? Those eyes, so familiar…I can see you hiding in there. Come out and play with me! Wait, what? You want to, but you are too old? I know, those lines and furrows, that second chin…where did they come from? When did you become old? That sweet, gentle, yet playful spirit is still there in your eyes. I can see the flirty, sarcastic, and witty thoughts rolling around in your head. Your mind is sharp, that hasn’t changed one bit. I’ve been too judgmental haven’t I? Don’t be so hard on…

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